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Low Altitude Aerial LIDAR

Get TODAYS data. Today.


    • highly mobile
    • acurate positioning
    • NEW available range of data


    • projection mapping
    • video games
    • stunning visuals


    • Fast collection of data
    • Non intrusive
    • Quick turn-around

    Accident Recording / Forensics

    • Extremely acurate As-Built data
    • Site inspection and progress tracking
    • Site surveying

    Construction and Engineering

    • non destructive
    • go anywhere
    • total coverage


    • LIDAR data and High res imaging
    • Infrared imaging options
    • Drought detection



Stay tuned for pricing and availability updates for this revolutionary sensor lifting machine.


The Equipment

In Flight

Xact Data

XactMaps provides Hardware and Software solutions for Aerial  Mapping as well as other sensor integration on UAV and UAS.

We can consult on your project and identify the sensor and hardware solution that fits your needs.

Whether it is LIDAR, Photogrametry, Photo Mosaic, Multi Spectral imaging, IR imaging or any other remote sensing payload needs, UAS/UAV Solutions have many benefits.

- Collect Data from previously unreachable locations

- Highly efficient with a set-up time in minutes and low manpower required

- Utlizes XactMaps proprietary software to create highly accurate Data maps of ANY location

- Capable of creating 3D environments that can be experienced, explored, and measured

- Synchronize High-Res video data with measurement data to acheive stunning results

- Create LARGE maps easily

It Works.

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